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Chris Shelton
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They say that if you can shoot a bow all day during good weather, go 10-15 pounds lighter and that is what weight you should use in cold weather. I personally think that 100# is to much weight!:o But I have never even shot 100#. I have a 70# hunter recurve by Martin, I bought it as a investment, for later on in life, but right now it kicks my but after about 3 dozen shots! But I hunt with my 55# take down and that is just a tad to light most days. There are alot of different variables that would decide what is too much weight. I think alot of people shoot too much weight because they think they need to. Sometimes while hunting squirrels or rabbits I wish I was shooting that 70# bow though, because they are quick and can dodge a 55# bow! I would say that if you can shoot it consistently accurate for a hour a day, then it is not to much! But that is just my opinion!