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jpc wrote: Yes this is what I’m talking about

Languages are fun Mastic in French is a paste to fix glass on wooden Windows ( ! )

Anyway, this product I and 99% French 3D archers use is not the shippest but gives best results

I also use it to glue multi pieces 3D targets when too old

Otherwise, I repair one side, returns the target to let it dry and shoot non-repaired side

On average 3 to 6 days for drying depending on temperature, and thickness

You should try , sure for one ( and may be first ) time French archers teach something to their American friends… LoL…. :roll::idea::roll::oops:

All one has to do is look at history to see the French and English have just a tad few more years at archery than Americans. We can all learn a lot from archery history.

Can you post a picture of the stuff you use to fix the targets with?