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Bruce Smithhammer
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Murray wrote: My favorite technique is along the lines of, “Ray left 3 of his bows in my truck tonight. I oughta just keep them for a while, til he remembers.” This also confuses the amount of inventory, and opens up all kinds of avenues for future acquisitions. Also works with guns, flyrods, binoculars, and knives.

I like the way you operate, Murray.

brennanherr wrote: Smithhammer,

That is a really great looking bow….Thanks for sharing and a shooting video would be handy just to see if she performs as well as she looks. 😀

Thanks, Brennan. I’ll see about getting some video, but in the meantime, I can tell you that it throws a heavy arrow with no lack of authority. It’s a tack-driver, assuming I do my part.

colmike wrote:

…Perhaps we can shoot the thunder child then blame our purchase on Bruce:D

Feel free to use my name for whatever blame/enablement is required. 8)