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David Petersen
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Erik — I’m glad I don’t hunt in your neighborhood if it’s that big a problem. If I felt I had to hide from “drug dealers” every time I went out I don’t think I’d hunt. Here in CO where I’ve hunted extensively for 30 years, I’ve come upon a total of two small pot patches on public land and never seen a human tending them. I’d think these guys would be the ones trying to blend in and not be seen by us, rather than vice versa. Frankly my primary concern with these operations is that they tend to lug in lots of plastic, buckets, potting soil bags (no pun) and sometimes fence wire, then when they’re done they leave all that junk up there. Almost as bad as ATV riders. If I knew who they were I’d turn them in for littering. Even hunting along the AZ/Mexican border for the past 5 years, camping weeks at a time alone way back in, where drug runners are supposed to abound,I’m yet to see a single one. Just my opinion based on personal experience–that “drug dealers” are the least of our concerns out there. Now, wearing camo to hide from other hunters seems a valid endeavor, but there again if it was that crowded out there I’d find someplace else to hunt, or take up golf instead. Well, NO, I’ll never take up golf! 😆 dp