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Steve Sr.
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Ive a few camo items left. Mostly hats and haven’t replaced my old, old, old camo bibs for old weather. It and the broken zippered coat get worn more in “tradition” than anything since Ive wore them pushing three decades now in the winter. Wearing memories suits me well, I find.

For longer than that I’ve worn what my kid’s have called “Dad’s War Paint” and is also a tradition in my fall outings but my stock of Tink’s Camo Dust is all but depleted and it’s tough to find anymore. All colors mixed together creates a dark charcoal (yeah, tried charcoal…..ick, lol), isnt hot, isnt smelly, washes off easily…often I forget I have it on till I look in the mirror (or get “funny” looks at the restraunt 😕 )

I feel “naked” in the woods without it 😉 Old habits die hard.

I read a post on a site of Indiana hunters and the moderator mentioned something that is worthy of sharing, IMO.

“There isnt much better camo…….than the camo of “holding still”

So…….yep, Im with most here. Dull, drab (cheap, lol) stuff mostly for anything I pick up now.

Ill be wearing them soon, parked on my bucket on the shady side of a tree or bush, taking in the always amazing sights, sounds and smells of the woods and creek bottom I hunt………. in about two weeks!

God Bless!
Steve Sr.