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William Warren
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I’ve been using plaids and camo alternatley for years. Cleaned out my hunting wardrobe last winter. I still have a few pieces that I like. But I also have gone with the solid olive or brown pants, some duck, some BDU style. My favorite plaids for normal cool weather are Cabelas Worsterlon, wears like wool, wicks like polypropelene and it comes in a small houndstooth tweed (see my avitar pic).
The only camo I have bought recently was a cheap Wally World bug suit. Have not seen those in plaid yet 😀
Best all ’round camo ever in the east is Mil Spec Woodland, used BDU’s are very comfy too, but with wars going on for the last 10 years have me thinking twice about wearing in public. I mean no disrespect for our armed forces but I don’t want them to think that about me so I just don’t.