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William Warren
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I think 2blade hit on something. They notice something is different. I can definitely see that happening just as I would notice the coffee table in a different place if I came home and saw it was moved. At first they just notice the difference. Then they know something is up after they wind you or you shoot and miss. Then muzzle loader season comes and everyone who does that scouts all over and spooks them up. Same thing the next week when gun season starts and then you have the mature deer going nocturnal and deer behavior that GTA described with very skittish deer. Once that pressure eases up they go back to being those seemingly approachable animals of summer. I buy the intentions theory but I think it is more about body language and predator recognition. So what does this tell us? Take advantage of the early season when you can walk with the deer. Ask yourself when setting up your stand or ground blind, “will this setup be noticed?” work harder to blend in. And try to relax and not look so predatory but I know it’s hard!
My nickles worth.