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Yup on the wool silencers. I use both wool yarn and synthetic wool yarn and I’ll be darned if I can tell any difference. Some say they can but for me, not me.

I never have trouble with noise in my longbows. I come down two spans of middle finger to tip of thumb with hand stretched from the tips of limbs, about 17″, put some wool and go for it. I might have to move them a tad depending on a shorter or longer bow but it works for me. My wool silencers (yarn) are no bigger around than a quarter when I’m through.

I try my best not to get me nor my silencer wet but if I do so, a little pluck on the string sprays the water out of my wool puffs, probably an advantage for synthetic material, but plucking don’t seem to help me any…

Recurves, that’s a bit different. I have to work with them more. Sometimes I’ll put a real small silencer about 8″ down from the limb tips then split the difference between nock set & those little guys with my normal silencer.

Not scientific, just lots of years of trial and error.