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I have to use heat to get nocks off that have been glued on for real and they’re definitely not reusable.

My old Jo Jan multi fletcher, when 3 fletching is when I just temp glue nocks. When I convert it to 4 fletch I’m happy how they come out so I go ahead and glue them on permanent when 4 fletching. Just the nature of the beast and perhaps some of it is the way I have my helical set.

My arrows will work fine actually as they come off in 3 fletch mode but I’m particular how nock and feathers are aligned after years of doing it “my way”:D

I really never think about it anymore but I can remember way back when I had to.

No set guidelines, just ideas and examples. I buggered up more than one arrow in the learning process.

That’s why I think a baker’s dozen arrows would be nice, 1 to experiment with, 12 more to build like you want them.

R2 dozens seem not to add up to 12 for very long:D