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David Petersen
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I just returned from Boise and the ID trad event, where I got to handle these wicked-looking new heads and enjoyed a long chat with Blake. The Teflon coating brings up the common human inner-battle between flash and function. The blades are just gorgeous, like polished silver, so from an aesthetical pov it’s a shame to dull ’em with a coating. On the other hand, from a practical pov, that same pretty glint works against us in the field, so I’m with you on the coating, Blake. So far as I can tell, the Werewolves incorporate several improvements including a 25-degree bevel (for the single-bevel option), upgrade to 52-54 Rockwell hardness (my personal preference range since any harder is unnecessarily hard to sharpen and any softer, IMHO, is too soft and risking failure on elk-sized heavy bone strikes). The Tanto tip looks great too and I love the heavier weights these offer. I hope that some of these upgrades, after a shake-out period of user field testing, can be adapted to the classic Eclipse and/or a glue-on Werewolf. Best luck and thanks Blake for your unrelenting innovation. Folks will be impressed, to say the least, to learn that the ferrules are attached to the solid blade with tiny screws and Blake inserts every last screw by hand with a tiny driver. Talk about TLC! dave