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Thank you MR. FURLONG ,

I appreciate your responce with such detail and thought .

I’m actually wondering if a ”REAL” fool proof arrow can be made . That is , and stay within desirable FOC , and arrow weight , and good velocity , without occassionally bending an arrow or insert or both .

I shot at a squirrel . I pulled the shot and clipped a 1 inch sassafrass sapling with the ”HAMMER” blunt . It ruined the shaft . Point being , that a 688 grain arrow from 51# , @ 152 fps was ruined . What about an arrow at more velocity and greater FOC hitting the radius of a rib or a shoulder blade .

I realize there are so many possibilties that can happen when an arrow strikes the target , it makes me wonder if there will ever be a ”REAL’ cure for this problem .