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Todd Smith
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Today was opening day of deer season in Indiana and I did a still-hunt. Wow, I’ve been re-reading G. Fred Asbell’s book Stalking and Still-Hunting and it got me fired up to slow down.

It was fantastic! I was covering ground real slow like you were putting the stalk on a critter. I’d move a little then squat a while. During one of these pauses I see a hawk, (couldn’t tell what kind maybe a marsh hawk) well, what looks like hopping UP from the ground to pounce on a chipmunk. We hissed then jumped up about two feet to a small tree that was curved back down to the ground. He was just sitting there about 20 feet from me listening and watching for any small critters. He never knew I was there. Eventually a squirrel that had already passed within about three feet of me and gone up a tree came down. The hawk did watch him but didn’t go after him. I remembered my binoculars and while trying to get them dug out of my shirt pocket, the hawk flew off. It was awesome! Hawks have always been special to me. As if you can’t tell by my webiste and logo. 😀

It was a crisp cool morning in the 30’s with a farily hard frost. The sun came out though and as morning gave way to the sun, it warmed up and the sun penetrating the trees was absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait till the leaves turn color… I’ll have to take pictures then…

Blessings to all! todd