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I guess I’m lost on “Traditional Forestry” other than it’s been the tradition of mankind to cut down all they needed and all they wanted for profit (greed) and when that was gone move on to start chopping in another place or perish as it seems the people and culture did on Easter Island when they ran out of trees.

Granted in modern times in this country attempts at conserving and regrowing our forests have been and are being made. Which is a good deal but other parts of the world just flat don’t give a s***.

The wood cutters are trying to feed their families on their pittance of salary from the profit of a tree whilst the middle men and big wheels are getting rich.

Cutting the forests down is just a form of self apocalyptic behavior, among the others, we humans, the smart ones, seem so happy to endorse around the world.

This old elm went down at the archery range recently, I just discovered it today. It died from natural causes, drought, wind and age.

I wasn’t trying to be a smarta** on my earlier post either.

I don’t think a tree is communicating with me other than through the spirit of the forest which I hopefully can be attuned to, either consciously or subconsciously or both.

Plants and animals are all part of a great big ‘ONE’ with us. One big collective “Spirit”.

The spirit of the earth is always speaking but how often are we listening!!!!!!!!!? How often too feel the embrace?

My arrows hold the spirit of the forest as hopefully does the “myself” in this tale.

Just me rattling,