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Many years ago I bought this old book and by reading, looking at not so good of black and white pics and trial and error I learned a lot of what I know now.

It has a section on strings, pictures and instructions kinda, for building an endless loop string jig and the string itself.

So I built a jig, as I’ve mentioned, and built a string.

I was just learning how to serve strings at the time so that was a big if in this process.

Being young and brave and bullet proof I jumped in, made a string (looked pretty good) put it on my 55# recurve then…….do I want to pull this?

I pulled a little, let down. Pulled a little further then let down. Repeated a few more times til I got it all the way back. Again then…………I gotta put an arrow on this. What happens when I loose it?

Well, I’m still here, it worked. I made strings for me and others with my jig after that for awhile before I learned the Flemish twist (The first one of those I made was another ‘do I wanna pull this’ thing 🙂 ).

This old book was written at the time when wheel bows were just getting started so it has info on them also.

The trad bow info is still quite good for the most part, Dacron was the string material with a mention of Kevlar? string which I’ve never seen. The wheel stuff, that’s kind of like having a manual for a model A Ford trying to fix an F150.