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David Petersen
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Well shucks, I’m overdue for a visit to the eye doc 😯 (I plan to make an appointment tomorrow) and judging by the way the deer jumped I assumed a hit that I couldn’t see in the vid. However, I have to politely depart from my friend Steve’s view that “a miss doesn’t matter.” It matters a lot, insofar as had the miss–maybe not this particular one, since I can’t see it on the small screen, but certainly in most cases–been in another direction, it could have been a nonlethal wound. I am speaking here from the tragic experience of too many Mea culpas in the early days, meaning about half of my hunting life. Misses should not be taken as a signal of failure or incompetence, but neither should they be kissed off as insignificant and in need of no thought or redress. A miss is a learning opportunity–“What did I do wrong this time, baby, and what do I need to do going forward to assure that particular screw-up never happens again?” Taken as important learning opportunities, misses are essential and inescapable life lessons. Dismissed as inconsequential, as with the popular expression “Well at least I missed instead of wounding,” which I know I’ve said myself at some point, and we learn nothing and actually lose ground. Misses are inevitable, but not dismissible. I know that Steve knows and believes this, but it’s worth reminding ourselves from time to time, IMO.