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David Petersen
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Welcome to tradbow.com, Rattlebone.

While discussing all the garbage the industry and its media (what’s a polite euphemism for prostitutes?) try to foist on us (and whether it works or not is really beside the point, which is: “do you want to hunt, or merely to kill?), while talking about all this garbage, hunting buddy Greg Munther suggested that he should invent an “anti-aura suit.” We all know that deer have a sixth sense for humans in the hunting mode, and are far more relaxed when they “know” we are not in a threat mode. This has been attributed to an invisible, to us, “aura” or “vibe” we put off when in predatory mode. Greg’s anti-aura suit would contain this radiance so that animals can’t tell what we’re up to. Combine that with “scent proof” and you have a thousand-dollar clothing item. 😛 Now if that same suit were designed to recycle our human waste, like an astronaut’s suit, so that we don’t go around fouling the woods with our stinky and bad-aura byproducts, we could charge $2 grand, especially if the suit comes with an ozone hat as a bonus.