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Jason Wesbrock
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The fishing industry is full of lures designed to catch more fishermen than fish. The hunting industry is no different. I guess my opinion is that if someone wants to throw away that much money on something so silly, more power to them. I suppose it’s probably no different than people who take their hard-earned money and blow it at a casino, as if Vegas was built on winners.

I view celebrity endorsements much the same way. Anyone who pays even a modicum of attention should figure out rather easily that these folks endorse products because of what the company pays them (or due to the ego boost of being on someone’s “pro staff”), not due to the quality of the item bearing their stamp of approval. While I don’t begrudge those folks making a living, striking while the proverbial iron’s hot (like Michael Jordan who put his name and face on everything back in the late 80s to early 90s), I do feel like I’m being assumed a fool at times. But then again, the capitalist in me says that if someone actually believes the key to killing big bucks is wearing Bone Collector boxer shorts, maybe they deserve to be parted with a few dollars.

In reality, this type of marketing is nothing new to archery or bowhunting. I have a stack of magazines from the 40s-60s stuffed full of advertisements for all sorts of odd things. Those ads contain the same type of celebrity endorsements or sex appeal and hyperbole seen in today’s marketing. The main difference between then and now is the vastness of the modern media. Today we have more magazines, the internet, and a wide selection of cable networks where every goober with a camcorder can promote himself as a hunting celebrity.