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Steve Sr.
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All great stuff, guys!

It’s simply amazing how this all effects us so similarly……..yet it is so hard to explain to those that don’t see it?


All in good fun, I set out last yeat to build what we jokingly called……

“the world’s ugliest arrow”

all I did was confirm that such isn’t possible.

Regardless of the horrendous color combos used it was, of course, “built to fly” and I didn’t realize that this single fact alone held such beauty unto itself.

Appearance,while noticable, simply does not over shadow great (yet simple) function and we all know that time and effort into building “our own” items lends another beauty to the builder even IF it is not apparent to those that do not do so.

All I succeeded in doing was building a “different looking” yet attractive (to me) arrow! 😀

Often, when such subjects come to surface in my mind, I hesitate to voice aloud (or type, lol) such but am finding that there exists no such thoughts that others do not share, even if only a few.

I’m glad to be a part of the “art admirers” here on Tradbow!

God Bless
Steve Sr.