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David Petersen
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Thanks Robin, and tradbow friends. It’s good to know that I may have made at least as many friends as enemies while playing moderator. 😈 Trouble was, as time went on, I had gotten compulsive about this site and was spending hours a day at it and “fretting” way too much about details … hours I really need to be working to supplement my (anti)Social (in)Security income, or walking in the woods, etc. This same thing happened a couple of years ago when I resigned as Trout Unlimited’s CO public lands conservation director and as CO BHA chairman — the work had taken me over and was diminishing the rest of my life, so time to step back, relax, let the blood pressure normalize … and go hunting even more. I’ll always be an enthusiastic tradbow member, so you’ll still be plagued with my opinions from time to time, but I need to get things back in balance. With very few exceptions, you guys have been an absolute joy. Some of you have become good friends, and almost all of you have earned my deep respect. This is easily the most polite, thoughtful, intelligent and therefore fun hunter’s website in existence and I’m sure Webmother Robin, with your ongoing help, will keep it that way. Some of you may not know that across my three years as moderator, Robin twice had to delete my posts. 😛 Cheers, and big thanks. Dave