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mine is due to the fact that my wife and son came up with a plan to get me my first brand new bow i started out with a compound that i found in a yard sale went out with it and practice for about 3 days then my friend told me i could go hunting with him i was good at 20 yrds he set me up in a ground blind isaw an eight pointer at 10 yrd drew and shot at him thats when i relized just how fast a deer can move he ducked my arrow so i set out trying to figuire out how to get a new bow after trying a dozen or so out i like the elite syengry my son was with me he told my wife and for x-mas they got me my first new bow made by elite i love archery so elitearchery is my name but the site here would not take my name so ilooked at my bow and relized that i carry 6 arrows on my bow so iused that instead.