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Bloodless, I have no Idea what Mr. Parker used in this one, but I’ll be doing all the risers in the future and he will be building the natural limbs and I’ll still do my own glass ones but my risers have a special epoxy forced in under pressure then heated to cure, it gets hard but not brittle, and has zero flex…

Mr Peterson, there is one out in Colorado,… I did it for Mr. Don Tayon, with a lower main beam from an Elk he shot himself ,I also built him a couple cool knives with the tines he sent…. I kinda figured the western fellas that hunt Elk a lot would be all over a bow like this,surely they shoot more than one Elk, after they have it mounted what do they do with the others?…. so far he’s the only one to shoot his own and have an antler from it made into a bow……heck I don’t even know if he shoots it, I’m thinking it may just hang on the wall as I haven’t heard a word from anyone out there who’s seen it, and when one of these gets into an area, I usually hear about it….