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Congratulations on your Coues buck!! This has been a long journey for you. While your deer may not be a “Booner” buck, I’m sure the trophy status of that deer will be right up there with some of your biggest bucks. To take one of these deer with a bow, and a longbow at that, is quite a feat. I did a short search on Coues whitetail outfitters, and it seemed like almost all of them were advertising rifle hunts accompanied by pictures of ear-width 4-5 point (western count) bucks. Nice bucks, but I don’t think I could appreciate one of those bucks if I shot it with a rifle like you will undoubtedly appreciate that forked horn you took with your longbow. Again, nice job, and awesome pictures. And your self portrait reminds me of Santa after he’s been down a couple dirty chimneys!! Congratulations again, Dave!