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I struggled with IT. For a couple of years in the past. I hate to say, “go back to the bale” but to a great extent it is true. It’s all about form and confidence. I always use a mantra – “ANCHOR – SETTLE IN – “AIM” – And FOLLOW THRU”.

To me, aiming is acknowledging the sight pictue, “picking the spot”. Anchor means teaching yourself to always acknowledge a solid anchor, Settle In – is really nothing more than settling down – and not rushing the shot, Aim -Pick The Spot, I am also aware of the sight picture, I also know if I am point on, gapping or true instinctive, Follow Thru -nothing moves until the Fletch is in the target – if I don’t do this I will have a tendency to peek over the arrow.

Also – there are two parts to practice – one is FORM and the other is ACCURACY. AND they must be practiced separately. Usually once the form is there – the bow will do the rest.