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I only really suffered with TP when I first started shooting. Part of it was because I was overbowed and didn’t know it.

What helped me the most was shooting at balloons mounted on an old shaft rotating on a record player. It is an easy rig to build and works awesome.

The balloons rotate, you pick one, draw, hold, and loose.

This totally cured me early on. I’ve never had trouble since. I find myself slipping sometimes if I’m having a BAD shooting day.

If this happens…I go to the bale, pick one thing to work on mechanically, i.e. the feeling in my back, finger to my mouth, hook behind the jaw, bow arm, etc. Whatever I feel I could work on.

Works every time for me because ultimately the target I’m aiming at is no longer dictating how I am shooting. I’m in another place and out of my head.