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Patrick wrote: OK, I am SO frustrated right now! I’ve been shooting bows for about 30 years, and I seem to always have to battle it and, right now, it is DRIVING ME CRAZY. I would describe it as a form of anxiety when my aim nears the target. Any others here have to deal with this? If so, how in the hell do you get rid of it?!!!! :evil::evil:


Goin’ Crazy in Michigan…and it’s a very short drive.

I’m the new kid on the block. 57 year young. I’ve dealt with the same issue for years to the point where I went back to a compound with sights. I’ve been reborn and have devised a system where I pick a spot 12′ – 18′ below my target, come to FULL draw on this spot, complete with back tension and everything as it should be and move up slowly to where I want the arrow to hit. When my eye finds the target I release.

Works for me and I hope it works for you!!