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David Petersen
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Dave — you’re able to change limbs only on a 3-piece takedown, which limits you to mostly recurves and heavy handled (thus not the traditional norm) longbows. So don’t overlook two-piece takedowns, mostly the excellent hybrid “reflex deflex” longbows, of which there are a great many excellent brands from which to choose. My Shrew takedown weighs less than a pound! But 2-piece or 3, the primary advantage to a take-down bow is — that it takes down! 😆 As you suggest, the suitcase option is essential in today’s insane airline world, unless you don’t mind paying an additional $50 bucks each way for a bow case, and have no worries that when you arrive in AK or Africa the airlines will have sent you bow to Hawaii or China. Takedown is also a real boon to backpack hunting and horse-packing. I’ve owned several and made several more and frankl see zero practical disadvantage to well-make take-downs compared to one-piece. Except they cost a bit more. From my experience, which is more than limited but far short of complete. Dave