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David Petersen
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Hi Eric — So far as different weight arrows and different FOC, you can shoot any arrow through your bow that’s tuned to the bow. I switch around all the time. On your other question, I personally haven’t had good luck using lighter arrows for deer etc. and heavier for elk, simply because they shoot so differently and I can’t adapt fast enough. After shooting over the backs of a few Coues whitetails with lighter arrows, I have now returned to hunting everything, even turkey, with the same arrows I use for elk. Great archers, like George Stout and many others, can switch arrows and even bows at random with no apparent loss in accuracy. I am among the group who cannot. With my 52# d/r longbow I don’t notice any notable increase in trajectory or premature drop until I’m well over 800 grains (with 450 up front for EFOC). I’m now building them just over 700 grains and quite happy with that setup. The bow only cares about proper spine, tuning and release.