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jmsmithy wrote: Hello Gents (and any Ladies that may be reading),

My son’s 12th birthday gift (among other things) was an Allegheny Mountain Bow Co. “Mountain Bow”, made for him etc. 26#@21″ (he draws about 24-25″) 56″ longbow . It is one of Jeff Strauss’ (NJ’s premier bowyer IMHO 😀 ) signature models.

I’ve also come across a Bear Kodiak Magnum for $25 at a garage sale. 42#@28″, 52″ long recurve. Was BEAT UP, mean limb twist etc…$100 or so later and Joe Lasch at Prairie Traditions “Bow Hospital” made it look, well, show room new or at least pretty close!. It still has bit of a twist but can’t do much more per Joe. Shoots well enough for me…

Anyway, my question is..Do I leave them strung while hanging up? Currently hung on full shoulder bison mount (looks COOL 8) ❗ ) Can I leave them hanging/strung like that? Is it advisable? Am I doing damage to either or both bows? I’ve heard soooo many opinions I don’t know who to believe so felt this was the place to turn… I trust you folks 😯 😆

I USUALLY leave my Black Widow PMA strung but I’m playing with/ shooting it at least 4-5x per week. I will unstring it/clean/wax etc regularly but again, gets shot often, usually short 12-24 arrow sessions…

Any thoughts, as always, are appreciated!!!!:D

BTW – Don’t mean to make the above sound like a commercial but I do believe quality folks who do quality work should be acknowledged. I also believe we should share our knowledge, as we all do here and on other sites. That knowledge, IMHO, includes craftsmen/women from which we can all benefit.

Be well >>>–>