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Stephen Graf
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Spot on Ralph.

But people have to start somewhere. Common Sense is not innate, it is learned. And you’ve been learning for a long time Ralph 😯 😆

Simplicity is easier seen than achieved, especially in our buy-happiness gizmo driven economy. Each to his own I say, as long as the the journey is based on fact not fiction. Truth and honesty would bring us all around, if our ego’s didn’t get in the way.


If you want to use the info in a Tip of the Week, feel free. But Give Byron Ferguson credit, not me. He talks about using silencers to tune bows and arrows in his book Become the Arrow. I’m sure others do to.

For myself, I don’t use string silencers anymore. Haven’t for a few years now since I moved back to wood arrows. Here’s my advice on the whole subject:

Strip that string, and wood arrows fling!