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Some other things to ponder…. I’ve been hesitant to post because I am working on writing something or maybe even doing some follow on research here but…

Humans can hear low frequency sounds better than a whitetail.:shock: Amazing but true, I found a research paper on this very topic.

Conversely deer are much better at hearing higher frequencies…even those beyond human hearing.

High frequency sounds are very directional….used by motion detectors. No wonder they can peg you with a crack of a twig so easily..

Low frequency sound is not as directional. No wonder a buck will come in “looking all around” after a low grunt….

A fat long string (stand up bass) is much lower than a thin short string (mandolin).

So my 68 inch longbow with heavy dacron string may actually be harder for a deer to hear than a human can (and it is pretty quiet to me)….and less likely to be pin pointed….even without puff balls….

So the current trend in archery is short bows with ultra skinny strings:oops::!: