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I only use a split two draw, and I grip the string in the first groove, and as I pull it slides a bit onto the pad like Mr. Graf’s does….I shoot bows in the 70-100lb range and I feel it gives me an extremely clean release, but I’ve shot this way for 40+ years, and always shot bows on the heavy side the same way……..David I do agree about your statement about the 70# bow weight and two finger draw, most would not be comfortable in doing it for more than a few shots at best as their joints, bones, and muscles aren’t accustomed to that kind of pressure, my only problem was finding a correct fitting glove as most tend to be sewn up along the side of the finger and that seam focuses a great deal of pressure along the nail, and that becomes very painful, very quick, I never found a glove I truly liked , so I ended up making my own from buckskin with cordovan stalls, and it works very, very well…..