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I am blessed to live in Oregon where a guy can put boots to the ground and move out. Sitting in a tree or ground blind holds very little appeal to me. If you prefer to hunt that way then that’s awesome. Do what you like to do. We are all out there to enjoy the experience so hunt how you enjoy to hunt.

Last year I decided to only fly fish with dry flies even though it would mean a little less success. I still caught fish. Maybe not quite as many or maybe could have caught some big ones but I really like to watch that trout take that fly off the top. Even if it costs me.

Like my fly fishing rule of dry flies only I decided I wouldn’t hunt from a ground blind or tree stand. Even if it costs me. Simply because I enjoy walking and still hunting. I know guys who take huge blacktail deer out of a tree stand. I’m as giddy as a school girl with a forky I snuck up on. But how they and how I measure enjoyment and success is different than them and I won’t try to make them wear the same hat as me.

That said I had two turkey hens in front of me for an hour as I layed on the ground with just a branch for cover. As I layed there with a good tom off to my left that wasn’t quite coming in, my legs cramping, my arm tingling as it’s falling asleep, that itch you can’t scratch and you can’t move. I thought to myself, hey a blind would be awesome right about now…

But I’m ranting, sorry. I like to walk and stalk.