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I have yet to hunt but i intend to start.

I am getting ready to take my hunter & bowhunter safety courses this spring. with that said…

I think (with considerable lack of experience) that the popularity of tree stands has a little to do with it too.

Mostly however as I am experiencing it, there is little info on how to stalk available.

I have G Fred Asbell’s book “Stalking and Stillhunting” which I think is great, but there is little else that I have found that goes into that much depth.

Most of the info from the internet has been “must move slow”, “use the wind”, “blend in”, “get out and do it” which all have their place and are important (mostly a lot of) pieces of advice but is there more than that?

I think I need more depth into the how to of it I guess. I would like to know more of how to do it as I do not want to hunt up in a tree, I want to be on the ground. whether in ambush or stalking….

Maybe I do just need to go and experience it :oops::oops: