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Hello Folks, This is my 1st post, just joined recently.

My favorite method of hunting is to find a fresh track, follow it to the animal, spot the quarry, and stalk in close. I have been successful getting close to animals like this on mule deer, black bear, and feral hogs. However, I’m a terrible shot, still working on the “pick-a-spot” thing, so I missed all the animals I managed to stalk in close enough to shoot at. My best opportunities where the animal is totally unaware of me and I can set up a good shot scenario came from ground ambushes. For me it depends on the substrate and weather. If the ground has less debris, or is wetter then stalking is easier. Likewise, if there is some weather, then I can close in on an animal with more success due to the background noise. During the hot, dry, still early season in the west I usually start with ambushes and move to tracking/stalking when the weather shows up.

Interestingly, I spend more time in the offseason tracking/stalking animals and watching them, which helps setting up ambush locations later. Ambushes seem (for me) a better way to get a close shot, but stalking is much more fun!