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David Petersen
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Hi Mr. P, and glad to see you here. You might get a better response for this good question from the Bowyer’s Bench forum. For what it’s worth, I long sprayed my shafts with Minwax Spar Urethane, which I’ve also used on selfbows. It works but it’s really wasteful and thus expensive. I finally broke down and bought a shaft dip tube, available from most trad mail-order outlets for a few bucks, and use one of the standard shaft finishes, as sometimes advertised in TBM. I’ll leave it to those more experienced than me to suggest specific products. Another advantage to dipping over spraying is that you can even out the weights of a dozen shafts by repeatedly dipping the lighter ones, adding as much as 10 grains per dip. I’ve even increased FOC by repeatedly front-dipping. It couldn’t be easier, and it’s fun. Dave