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Thanks Dave for the kind words; please accept my heartfelt condolences on your recent loss.

Everything went rather quiet after I posted the “story”; I guess there was some disquiet at the fact that I had been in my truck when I spotted the bear, and not on my quads.

The reality is that, along with many parts of the US, this is big, steep country around here, if I didn’t use my truck to access hunting areas my hunting time would be severely limited or non-existent.

I try to take some afternoons off of work to scout and hunt, and you just can’t get 30k to 40k back there for an evening hunt without transport!


I used Stu Miller’s formula to get the arrow in the right ball-park and then fine tuned from there. I am in the process of putting together a heavier arrow (app. 800gn)for this Elk season, and am using Stu’s formula to get started.

I am looking at GT Trad shafts with 300gn Tuffheads and tapered wood internal footings.

I will post the specs of the “bear” arrow on the FOC forum also.

Red Dwarf