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David Petersen
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I too doubt this question can be meaningfully answered. I would say that with refined bowyer technology and bow design, and the intro of elements like carbon and cross-weave glass lams, that in general newer bows should be faster than older. But a really great older bow would still be faster than a mill-run newer bow. My only personal experience was when I injured my shoulder over-practicing one spring some years ago and was forced to drop permanently from around 64# to 55# or so, my new lighter bow, a Sleybow recurve, was 10 fps faster with the same arrows than my old heavier JimBow. But then the JimBow wasn’t exactly an antique. The main diffs I see in newer custom bows include increased forgiveness of shooting form faults, smoother pull, less hand shock, quieter, and esp. with the Shrews I currently shoot exclusively no stack in shorter bows. My personal bias is in favor of truly custom-made bows as opposed to factory bows, no matter age, price, whatever. dp