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1shot wrote: Alot of Javis and Coues, along with some monster mule deer, jackrabbits(both kinds, the “Black-tail” jack rabbit is massive), 3-4 different types of quail and dove galore.

Archery deer tags are over the counter, Javi tags are draw only, get Deer tags at walmart in Green Valley, camping at Bog Springs campground in Madera Canyon($10.00 at day), Coronado National Forest, open hunting 1/4mile from your camp site, either oak/pinion forest or head west for more open terrain, good for glassing/spot and stalk.

The Santa Ritas are a steep Mt range going from 4500ft to around 9000ft, but I use some of human trails to get me up-slope then cut off into the canyons I want to hunt, so it’s realy not that bad for the most part…

Very little hunting pressure in the Canyon, many cuts to explore, safe area from the illegals, though carrying a side-arm is always a wise move…(legal to carry during archery seasons, or anytime for that matter)…

Sounds like just the spot! Ill be in touch as we get a little closer.