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Guys I’ve been doing a javy/hog hunt down south Texas for the past two years. It’s a great time and there are lots of animals to hunt including rabbits. As far as javy as table fare, this was the first year I killed one and I also took my buddies to eat. I deboned the front and back legs and ground the meat to make jerky, it was delicious. I also took the back straps and tender loins, wrapped them with bacon and smoked for 3 hours to an internal temperature or 160. I must say it was some of the best meat I’ve had! No gaminess or bad flavor at all.

I was skeptical after killing and cleaning mine that this would be a one time deal if the meat wasn’t good ( I always wanted a javy skull as a trophy)and that kept me from killing a second one. However I will now kill and eat as many as I can every year (2). Good stuff