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I have been away from this forum for a while, but reading these posts reminds me of what a good group this is. I am in full agreement with you guys. I believe any game animal deserves respect and that it is a moral obligation for any hunter to deliver a clean, humane killing shot. I hunt with a self bow and cane arrows. I shoot pretty straight out to 30yds, but restrict my shots on whitetails to 18 yards or closer. I know that it could happen this year, but in thirty-five years of hunting with a bow, I have never failed to find an animal that I have shot. I don’t recall taking a deer at further than twelve yards.

Looking at the waste left behind after hunting season is another thing that bugs me. I hate seeing so many heads, hides, and wasted halves of deer carcasses laying beside the dirt roads during hunting season. I think we owe it to the deer to use their body, all of the meat, the hide, horns – every useable part. Just my two cents.