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William Warren
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David Petersen wrote: Duncan — Don’t your find the large size of the rubber blunts to interfere with aiming? I do, else I’d use ’em for stumping because they slip right over field points, fast and easy. But I can’t imagine they can kill as efficiently as a hard steel point. Not arguing, just curious. dave

Hi Dave,
I have not lost a squirrel yet with the 11/32 rubber blunt. I’ve missed plenty though! However, I need them to be close because my effective range is about to 20 yards. I have a hunch out past that range they might not have enough energy, but at 10 – 15 yards it will hammer them. Of course head shots are the best but a hit to the thorax is also deadly. “Aiming” is no problem for me I don’t look at the point when shooting, I look only at the spot I want to hit.
I would like to try the Ace Hex head though.