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Tom 6107
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Duncan wrote: Squirrels – 5 Duncan – 0

The little beggars are hard to hit! Missed 1 at 15 yds then another surprised me at 10 yds and I did not have an arrow knocked. He just would not stick around for me to come to full draw. But it was fun and the beggars are rutting and chasing each other all around. One time I had 5 squirrels running all over me and could not get a shot!

I’ve been rabbit hunting twice, three shots, score: one miss, one sapling, one rabbit. Buggers won’t sit still long enough to get a shot, once you make eye contact and stop they are gone! On the one I got, I didn’t stop. I kept walking and drew then released when I had an opening. Great fun and good stalking practice!


Anybody else hunting small game?