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Doc Nock
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1shot wrote: The sixth sense of animals is something I find amazing, how they can appear to read my intent at times, during scouting out of season, I can get close to Deer and have even talked to them without them spooking off (Yeah, kinda crazy I know hehehe), but let me have a Bow in hand and they seem to know there is danger around them even when they dont pick me out… Coues being the most high-strung, wary critter I’ve ever Hunted…

Seen that or had that experience, too, SH. I sometimes wondered if it were that when hunting season rolls around, the woods fill up with human stink and it puts them on alert…or indeed, that just our posture changes and they SENSE our predatory intent???

The latter would explain how a farmer can walk by deer and not spook them, but put a different person in that same situation, with a weapon…and all hell breaks loose.

I did read once where a farmer marveled at deer eating close to his barn every night & wouldn’t spook when he walked to the house after milking…but once, he forgot something and had to make a 2nd trip and they blew and bolted outa there? Timing? Conditioning to only ONE harmless trip and when that pattern was broken, all hell broke loose???

I truly believe that critters pattern US a lot faster/better than we ever pattern them! Their lives depend on it!