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David Becker
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Man it’s changed quick here. We’ve been unseasonably warm here at the end of February.

The ornamental cherry tree popped this week, as have some Daffodils and the Magnolia. The daffs are in various stages, depending on where they are on the property. Since our land is very three dimensional, we’ve got plenty of micro-climates so there’s a whole days worth of learning in walking around figuring why one daffodil has popped and another hasn’t.

The deer are blowing their coats. I keep finding big clumps of deer hair all over, and the does I saw the other night looked awful pregnant. I’d really like some fawns to be born on my property this year. I’ve done a little judicious trimming here and there to create some better bedding areas, which have been getting used, as a little offering.

The Robins came back in force about 10 days ago, wearing cheap little sombreros and toting bottles of duty free tequila. They seem to run around in a little band right when they get back, then slowly disperse over the river valley.

Today I saw what I consider the real harbinger of spring, our Rufous Hummingbird. He buzzed me as I was planting fruit and nut trees and it made my spirits lift even more. In the two years I’ve lived here I’ve had some awesome hummingbird encounters. They seem genuinely curious and buzz me or hover nearby pretty regular. I have no idea if it is the same bird, but I like to believe it is. I’ve named him “Sikorsky.”

A little over two years ago I was living in a suburban apartment. Other than marrying my wife, buying this place was the best thing I ever did.