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I’m using carbon arrows with field points and the tiger claw. The tiger claw insert thing alone (without the head) is only $1 (Three Rivers). That is even cheaper than the T nuts I described in another thread. If you want to get even cheaper you can get what are called “Ceiling Buttons” they are used with a screw to hold up old plaster, so you can do a skim coat.

As for durability, I haven’t broken any of the three. Nor have I broken any field points. OK, they all get bent around a bit but they bend back. While hunting rocks isn’t popular around here, we do have a lot of rocks. (They made fences (aka rock walls) out of them before they invented barbed wire. They did that for over 200 years and never ran out of rocks.) I have hit a few, even found a few inside stumps. Never did significant damage to the heads, just shattered the carbon shafts. They frequently ricochet if they hit even a small rock. But I find them lying on the ground nearby. I have not lost a single arrow with any of the three.