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I personally think it may be time to re-think what is and what is not an “ethical” shot in bowhunting.

Why is it ethical to purposely shoot a deer with an average caliber rifle in the shoulder bones? My answer is because it is usually pretty affective.

When a bowhunter uses an Ultra 650 arrow (650 gr. and Ultra-EFOC) and aims middle and tight to the shoulder, it will ethically and significantly decrease the chance of a guacamole gut shot.
IF the Ultra 650 arrow hits the shoulder bones why would that be considered “unethical” compared to the rifle shot?

The arrow is going to do as much or more damage to the deer and have more penetration by a larger projectile than the smaller bullet.

Also, if it IS “unethical” to shoot a deer in the shoulder bones with an adequate arrow like the Ultra 650 then why ISN”T it “unethical” to allow an inadequate arrow to be used at all?