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Ed Ashby
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David, my point exactly! Regulate the arrow and it begins to pressure folks to use a bit more draw weight … or limit their shooting distance a bit.

As for trajectory with a 700 grain arrow from a 40# draw weight (traditional) bow I can pass along what I found when doing the buffalo testing. The 40# recurve used in the testing was a borrowed Bear Formula Silver target bow. The 2 sets of above threshold EFOC arrows used were each around 725 grains. I shoot all trad bows using instinctive aim (I use sights and a release when testing with the compounds). All testing was from 20 yards. My subjective impression was that, at 20 yards, I was still ‘pointing’ directly at where I wanted to hit; not allowing for additional any arrow drop; compared to all the other traditional bows I’ve tested at that same distance. It was the same subjective aim as I use with my heavier bows. I had no difficulty keeping the arrows ‘on target’ doing that. I’ll also mention that the velocity of those above threshold EFOC arrows was a blazing 119 fps from the 40# target bow!