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Back off at a right angle to this steel rod ‘picket fence’ and shoot away with different broadheads. You won’t get any multiblade broadheads through without destroying the broadhead. You will be surprised at how many of the single blade heads ‘right themselves’ to pass between the rods.

How do you think of this stuff? oh! that’s right, your an old bush bum. 😳 lol

Just incredible the stuff you have tried, I have to agree with the bone being….. well…., what you said about them, they do deflect and redirect any thing that try’s to breach them.

Also the bones move on impact absorbing a lot of the energy, dissipating and redirecting it away, making it even harder to penetrate.

This hog was above me at around 18 yards in it’s bed slightly quartering at me ( I thought it was perfectly broadside, it wasn’t, this can happen more than you think, with the animals body in a different position and angle than it appears ) it was leaning on it’s left side, the arrow went through the near side rib cutting it in two, angling up and slammed into the spine, a vary unique shot angle

The spine is a geometrical miracle, it has thousands of angles and shock absorbers at each junction, designed to absorb, deflect and redirect any impacts.

As you can see from the pic above it did not just stick into the spine, but started to separate it.