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I’m fairly new to this, so I can only make a generalization with what little I have experienced with traditional archery and even with muzzle loading. I thought because I excelled at compound archery and because it came natually to me that the transition would be somewhat easy or even natural. I quickly realized however that I had alot to learn. Between getting my arrows to fly right, hitting what I was aiming at, and having the skill to get closer to my quarry that I ever needed to in the past, I am finding that a heavy dose of patience and real dedication is required. Those two things are getting harder to come by these days. The traditional ways (muzzle loading, bowhunting, homesteading, ect) seem to call out to a certain type of people and even among this small group of people few accept that alluring call. So even if given the marketing and resources needed I dont think it would ever be mainstream. But then who knows? Like I said its just a generalization based on limited experience.