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I hope it doesn’t get to mainstream. I don’t think it will either. There to much money to be made in “the next big thing” of compound archery. You can’t open a bowhunting mag (except for TBM) and not have 300 and whatever feet per second from ” the newest and baddest pulley contraption” thrown in your face on every other page. I used to love all bowhunting mags but over the past two or three years I can’t even stand to open them. Its all advertising, something that is pretty annoying to me as I am sure it is to just about every person that shoot traditional. I have friends that use compounds and even my Dad uses one. Its not that I have a problem with people that use them its the industry that I have problems with. They try to convince that you have to be shooting over 300 feet per second to be able to kill an animal. Not to mension how much the stinking things cost. Ive got 1300 dollars worth of compound just setting in a box that ever since I got into traditional I have no interest in even shooting. Hadent touched it in a year and got it out before bow season to shoot with my Dad and with the use of sights and on the first shot hit exactly where I was “aiming” It took one round for me to loose interest and put it down and it went up for sale (no takers yet haha). I just get tired of the market trying to convince that they can shoot as good as the money they put into it not to mension the fenced in slaughter houses they call hunting lodges. You can kill as big of a buck as YOUR WILLING TO PAY FOR!!!! NO RESPECT FOR THE ANIMAL. Sorry for jabbering on and on